Premiere: “After Hour (She)” by Coral Casino

Tyler the Creator / Frank Ocean covered and jazzed up by the mellow new Argentinian duo

The newest artist signed to record label Manimal is the Buenos Aires-based duo Coral Casino, who joins a roster of artists that include Warpaint, Bat for Lashes and Yoko Ono. Nonchalantly describing their music as “witch R&B synth playa pop,” Lara Artesi and Roque Ferrari have been writing a fitting soundtrack for their plugged-in generation, where Tumblr pages and Instagram accounts are requisite extensions of self-identity. Songs titled “Kendall Jenner” and “Bitches Wanna Go Home” are peppered in between a refix of Daft Punk’s “Make Love” and Frank Ocean covers. It was their “$lytherin” mixtape, in fact, that caught the eye of Nicolas Aguero, who owns Argentinian label Casa del Puente Discos. Today, CH premieres another one of their gentle, mellow jams below, “After Hour (She).”

“‘After Hour (SHE)’ was the track that gave birth to the project, the first time we met, and it has something special basically because of that,” Artesi tells CH. “The beat starts with a keyboard sample from Midnight Cowboy (1969) and it follows to Frank Ocean’s and Tyler The Creator’s ‘She’ hook.” There’s a sweetness to Artesi’s low vocals that had us pressing repeat; we’ll be keeping an eye on them come 2016.

Images courtesy of the artist