Premiere: “Donna Marijuana” by UNI

Charlotte Kemp Muhl directs a music video of mind-bending moments and a retro-futuristic performance

From NYC-based glam rock trio Uni (aka Charlotte Kemp Muhl, David Strange and Jack James) comes “Donna Marijuana,” a dazzling track that’s dressed to dance in psychedelic swirls, out now on Chimera Music. To accompany the surreal energy of the single, Kemp Muhl directed a music video of mind-bending moments complete with a retro-futuristic performance of color and chaos.

“Since we have one foot in the graveyard of rock and another foot in a SpaceX rocket, such a chimerical monstrosity of time periods made sense,” Kemp Muhl tells us of the video’s time-traveling style. “I wanted aliens and Pierre Cardin, Jack wanted Nancy Sinatra and The Ministry Of Silly Walks. The rest is history… literally.” Kemp Muhl punctuates the video with a comedic interlude that emphasizes the welcome absurdity of it all.

Both James and Kemp Muhl joke about the cultural message of the video, with the former saying that the visuals are trying to tell us that “weed contains microchips and will 100% make you gay. It also makes everything hilarious, music and sex better, and the euphoric joy of a warm Pop-Tart more bountifully evident.”

Images courtesy of Charlotte Kemp Muhl