Public School T-shirt and Jacket


Leading the way in grown-up street wear, Public School recently released Fall/Winter 2008, their second collection. We've been into their clean cut but somewhat edgy designs since the label launched last year; the quality materials and subtle details set them apart from the rest of the rack at Barneys or Fred Segal.

Their new NY Hearts Me t-shirt (not available until next Fall 2008), an obvious play off the original I Heart NY, has a clever twist. Look a bit closer at the heart (above) and you'll see a hidden middle finger hinting at the love/hate relationship that people familiar with New York will identify with. Also worth a perusal is their new Grove jacket, featuring a zip on glove that makes for a seamless, futuristic extension when in use.

The Spring/Summer line is in stores now, but the well-executed design with creative and functional twists makes for quick sellers. Check out the current line on their site and purchase it at Revolve.