RES’ Comics and Animation Issue


The July/August issue of geek chic arts and culture magazine RES brims with a crop of comic-book-fans-come-of-age who are making their own mark in today's media. Profiles include Matthew Vescovo, the artist and self-proclaimed "master of the obvious" behind award-winning MTV spots and the book Instructoart, which is full of wry observations illustrated with vector graphics, airplane pamphlet-style. His "Perspective" literalizes the "grass is always greener" metaphor in a short featured on the cover (pictured) and as an extra on the RES DVD along with a slew of other shorts, videos, and music. (Only subscribers get the bonus DVD.)

San Francisco-based Amy Franceschini's prolific New Media collective Futurefarmers, an overview of Garbage Pail Kid creator Mark Newgarden's ouevre, and techie how-tos like stop-motion animation and Flash flipbook instructions round out the survey of next-generation doodlers.