Rewind 5


If you got your hands on some of your favorite musicians’ iPods you might be surprised at what you’d find. That’s exactly the idea behind Ubiquity’s “Rewind!†compilation series. Now four years and five volumes deep, the series features established and emerging artists, handpicked by Ubiquity, covering the tunes of their choice.

While the roster of artists is varied on Rewind 5, the source material is even more so. LA uber-hipster electro-soul duo J*Davey serve up a gritty synthed-out remake of Frank Zappa’s “Dirty Love,†while UK experi-pop singer-songband Psapp tackles “Everybody Wants to Be A Cat†from Walt Disney’s “Aristocats†with honky-tonk meets Baltic pinball flair. And apparently The Roots’ drummer Ahmir “?uestlove†Thompson, has a soft spot for VH1 icon Sting. His side-project, Randy Watson Experience, delivers a jazzy and neo-soulful version of “Be Still My Beating Heartâ€. Other standout cuts are Osunlade’s faithful take on the acoustic Prince ballad “Crazy You†and Danish newcomers Owusu & Hannibal’s dreamlike “Caroline, No†by The Beach Boys.

You can download it from Dancetracks Digital or iTunes, and order it from Ubiquity or Amazon.

by DJ Scribe for NuiSh