RISD MFA Photography Show at ClampArt

Six students put on an interactive show in an intimate Chelsea gallery space


The Rhode Island School of Design 2013 MFA Graduate Show opened last night at the ClampArt gallery in Chelsea. The show is comprised of the work of six RISD graduate students whose photography is as offbeat as it is engaging. Though each photographer’s series is very different, a sense of depth overwhelms every photo and pulls the collection together, keeping viewers engaged with each piece for a good while. And at the same time, the labyrinth-like layout of the space feeds excitement to turn each corner and see what will grab your attention next.

RISDphotographyshow-1.jpg RISDphotographyshow-2.jpg

In addition to the photos, the interactive sound and motion pieces bring the intimate gallery space to life. The room is buzzing with admiration for the photos (and photographers) as well as commotion and laughter from the interactive displays. The location of the gallery is perfect for an afternoon pit-stop and will keep visitors interested for just the right amount of time—without giving you the dreaded museum feet.


The show is only running to 20 July so make sure to check it out before it ends. To get a preview of the work or to order a print online, visit the ClampArt website.

“Huntington Beach” by Keith Yahrling, “Beautiful Baby” and “Beautiful Woman” by Kevin Barton, “Leo” by Scott Alerio