Rihanna feat. Paul McCartney and Kanye West: FourFiveSeconds

It’s not every day Kanye West teams up with Sir Paul McCartney, though lately it’s been a fortnightly affair and recent developments suggest the Beatles frontman is producing West’s next album. The latest release in the admittedly odd yet harmonious partnership features Rihanna and a folksy, Western-tinged guitar riff. “FourFiveSeconds” is about as stripped-down as a pop song can get, with bare vocals and a few guitars and a rhythmic chorus that makes the song feel both intimate and stadium-ready. In a world of massively over-produced pop epics, McCartney replaces all of the high-tech studio wizardry with good old fashioned songwriting that will no doubt appeal to a wider audience than West and Rihanna are used to. Plus, it might just mean the second coming of a happier Yeezus á la 2007’s Graduation.