Scope Miami: Asian Art Steals the Show


Work by Asian artists, and those of Asian descent, seemed to dominate the Scope Miami fair this year. The sheer volume on display confirms that Eastern art is gaining sway in Western markets, and rightfully so, as the below selections would support.

Rogerio Degaki, a Brazilian artist of Japanese descent, was on exhibit at the Rhys Mendes booth. The vibrant, glittering sculptures looked like anonymous cartoon characters, their identities misplaced or stolen.


Kanako Kawaguchi, represented by Yuka Sasahara Gallery in Tokyo, paints bold, somewhat trippy, portraits of female figures. Despite the richness of color, the works suggest an unsettling melancholy.

The New York-based Krampf Gallery was showing a small collection of porcelain sculptures by the Beijing artist Ha Jun. The pieces juxtapose ancient Chinese techniques with modern forms such as a television, a radio, or a race car.


Tokyo Gallery + BTAP was exhibiting a broad selection of incredible Japanese artists.


The works by former graphic designer and manga artist, Hiroyuki Matsuura, were incredible.