Scott Daniel Ellison: The Birthday Party


Scott Daniel Ellison's latest solo show—his second in NYC—expands on his fascination with ragged animal life, horror film characters and the artists' recurrent fears, all in his trademark faux-naïve style. The Beacon, NY-based photographer and painter sticks to the latter medium in "The Birthday Party," a series of small, acrylic images that he could have as easily taken from "Friday the 13th" as from a backyard after raccoons raided a garbage can.


Their minute proportions (most measure under a foot) and figurative nature give the impression of storybook illustrations from a particularly macabre tale. These narrative tendencies have their origins in Scandinavian folk art and stories that surrounded Ellison during an extended stay in Sweden.


The exhibition will feature more than a dozen offerings, and opens this week. See details below.


Scott Daniel Ellison: The Birthday Party
Opening reception: 7 January 2010, 6-8pm
7 January-20 February 2010
521-531 West 25th Street

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