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Seinabo Sey: Blessed

Swedish and Gambian artist Seinabo Sey returns with “Blessed,” a song written by her best friend, songwriter Isak Alverus. The track (produced by Carli Löf and Simon On The Moon) possesses a sparse, laidback energy with soft percussion and sprinkles of jazz, electronic and R&B. She says, “I like the lyrical message—that it is enough to wake up in the morning, get up and be good enough, be loved. You should not have to perform all the time.” The accompanying video, which she co-directed with Klara Kristoffersson, depicts Sey as a waitress in the Gambia (her father’s homeland) and the softly lit, insouciant energy perfectly matches the song. “I fantasized about what my life would have been like if I was living in the Gambia. I might be working as a waitress by day and singing at night. I might be working as a taxi driver,” she explains. “I wanted to present something that feels more like scenes from a life.”


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