Slideluck Potshow

by Laura Neilson


In the spirit of community, art, and food, Slideluck Potshow is exactly what it (sort of) sounds like, a potluck slideshow. Anyone can attend the events, however guests are asked to bring contributions in the form of food, drink and imagery. Photographers of all subject matters and experience levels are encouraged to submit their work for the entertainment portion of the evening. The result is a striking mish-mash of imagery by emerging and established individuals.


Photographer Casey Kelbaugh founded Slideluck in 2000 in Seattle, where he hosted more than 20 of these gatherings in his backyard. When he moved to New York in 2003, the events continued in his East Village apartment before landing in larger venues such as storefronts, art galleries and outdoor parks—not only across the nation but also in international locales such as São Paolo, Barcelona and Berlin. In 2007, together with Alys Kenny, Kelbaugh established Slideluck as a non-profit organization with proceeds benefiting visual arts programs for NYC public school students.

Each Slideluck event usually encompasses a general-topic portion, as well as a themed segment in which participants submit images relevant to that particular subject. While past contributors have included the Guggenheim Foundation, Elliott Erwitt, Shepard Fairey, Chris Buck, Nina Berman and other well-known names, each exhibition also features an equally impressive number of amateur shutterbugs.

Upcoming Slideluck shows will take place in Portland and San Francisco. See below for details.

Photos by Casey Kelbaugh

Sandbox Studio
25 April 2009, 7-11:30pm
420 NE 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232 map
tel. +1 503 784 7331

Left Space Studio
8 May 2009, 7-11pm
2055 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94110 map
tel. +1 415 285 5338