Stories of Climate Change’s Effects on Every Country

The New York Times Opinion section recently published “Postcards From a World on Fire,” a collection of sounds, photos, videos and vignettes that capture climate change’s effects on different countries around the world. Between reports from Morocco, which indicate that two thirds of its oases have disappeared, and photographs from Guatemala that depict how climate refugees and migrants are fleeing harrowing droughts, this comprehensive exploration is vital. While it may be difficult to look at, these postcards capture what’s at stake in the fight against the climate crisis and serve as a reminder of why we can’t look away. These stories—interspersed with words from climate activists and innovations in sustainable methods and resources—act as motivation to keep fighting, as there is still time to save billions of lives from climate change. View the postcards and learn more about the fight at The New York Times.

Image courtesy of Matthew Abbott/The New York Times