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AREA4 + Architect Suchi Reddy’s Prospect Park Pinwheel Flower Garden

An installation of epic proportions, “Connective Project” breathes life into a natural nook

As Brooklyn’s Prospect Park celebrates its 150th anniversary, an underused patch of land in Frederick Law Olmsted’s sprawling vision now contains a temporary public work of wonder. Situated in the 2.5-acre Rose Garden, 7,000 flower-like pinwheels compose the “Connective Project.” The bright yellow pinwheels contain interior art creations—contributions from various Brooklyn artists, public figures and local Brooklynites. Everyone from Russell Simmons to Alan Arkin submitted work based on their love for the park. Each compostable pinwheel can resist the elements, as demonstrated by the rainy first few days of their installation.

Commissioned by the Prospect Park Alliance, “Connective Project” was proposed by Rory McEvoy and Grainne Coen from the experiential marketing agency AREA4 who produced it, as well. Architect Suchi Reddy of Reddymade Design designed the pinwheels—and laid out a vision for the entire installation, going so far as to determine the pinpoint locations of the pinwheels and their heights. There are three sizes and four different heights on site. The resulting visual presentation feels alive—shimmering and shifting as guests walk through.

“I would love for this project to start a conversation about a contemporary sense of discovery of spaces that are underutilized in the city,” Reddy explains to CH. “Revitalizing the urban experience is essential to the vibrant place that New York City is.” With whimsicality and interaction, bound under the banner of art for all, the “Connective Project” does indeed connect. That said, the installation isn’t all in store for the park—there’s more to come according to the Prospect Park Alliance.

Connective Project” runs now through 17 July at Prospect Park’s Rose Garden.

Images courtesy of Reddymade Design