Tappening Tap Water Campaign


Once considered an indulgence, bottled water's popularity and resulting unnecessary stress on the planet has spawned growing ire in the eco-conscious community. Tappening is a faction of the movement aiming to challenge bottled water usage by highlighting environmental impacts and spreading white lies about bottled water, much in the same way the companies do.

The lies include a multitude of tactics from the funny, "Evian is actually collected from the sweat that freely flows from the armpits of Gerard Depardieu," to the compassionate, "Bottled water causes blindness in puppies."


In addition to the clever campaign of bottled water lies, Tappening's website offers invaluable information on the truth about bottled and tap water and includes a database of quality tap water around the United States. For those in NYC, tap into the action with TapIt, an iPhone app that identifies cafes around the city providing a free fill-up service for reusable bottles.