Tender Lotto by Seth Kinmont

Explore the concept of value through a winnable artwork


Part of the New Museum’s 2013 Ideas City Festival, Seth Kinmont’s new project, Tender Lotto, explores the concept of value and the creation of it. Rather than just a sculpture to be viewed, Tender Lotto is an artwork to be experienced and involved in—its outcome is entirely dependent on viewers’ actions. People are invited to purchase currency invented specifically for the project, effectively entering a lottery to win the artwork.


But it isn’t culture just for the wealthy—prices start at just $1 for a bill that has a one in one million chance of winning, and reach a $10,000 wood and glass case with $5,000 coins and $5,000 bills inside with a one in 100 chance of winning. Financially speaking, the project will also pay for itself, earn toward a new sculpture and generate income for the state via tax.

Even if yours isn’t the winning bill or coin, you have effectively bought an artwork and a souvenir—further manipulating, questioning and toying with the notion of value.

You can see or take part in Tender Lotto from 6-27 May 2013 at Brookfield Plaza at NYC’s World Financial Center.

Images courtesy of Seth Kinmont