The Art of Discarded Lottery Tickets

An artistic twosome realizes dream desires from forgotten scratch-offs

lottery1.jpg lottery2.jpg

Curious about how people spend their winnings after hitting it big with the lottery, collaborative artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom channeled their research into astounding representational sculptures of dream desires like a Hummer, a yacht and a large home using scratch-off lottery tickets.


Working under the moniker Ghost of a Dream, the duo specifically match the monetary value of the lottery tickets to the price of each item. For example, the “Dream Home” (pictured at top) is made out of $70,000 of discarded tickets, and is complete with impressive decor, such as a chandelier, framed portraits, an “antique” clock and vase with budding flowers.

lottery6.jpg lottery4.jpg

Finding that most lottery winners’ first purchase is a car, Ghost of a Dream built a full-scale hummer using $39,000 worth of colorful tickets. To the artists, these discarded scratch-offs represent unfulfilled dreams as well as money that could have been saved and possibly spent on the item itself.

See more from Ghost of a Dream at Yatzer, where the artists’ “One In a Million” kaleidoscopic collages (made from lottery tickets and romance novels) is also shown.