The Rumor Mill’s Christmas on Clinton St.

The Rumor Mill, an audio production company, recently released The Rumor Mill’s Christmas on Clinton St. The album features the usual holiday standards, though they are sung under the “dark and stormy” influence of a potentially globally-warmed planet.

Produced by J. Ralph and Arthur Pingrey, the album features up and coming artists like Megan Wyler (she’s the voice behind the Johnny Cash cover of “Walk the Line” featured in this Levi’s commercial), Leah Siegel, Nicole Renaud, Baptiste Ibar and CH fave Angela McCluskey among others.

The “Frosty the Snowman” video is a stop action animation short directed by Sean Donnelly and Abbey Luck, and is accompanied by Angela’s chilling rendition of the song (check out her 2004 album “The Things We Do” for more of her one-of-a-kind voice and style).

A percentage of profits from The Rumor Mill’s Christmas on Clinton St., which is available exclusively on iTunes, benefit

And to top it off, the album is carbon neutral; emissions were offset by purchasing credits at Native Energy.