Top Five Songs from CH Video Soundtracks


Here are our five favorite songs featured in CH's video podcasts that are available on iTunes:

Whistling In Tongues" by Felix Laband, from the albumDark Days Exit

"Mountaintops In Caves" by Talkdemonic, from the album Beat Romantic

"The Killing Moon" by Nouvelle Vague, from the album Bande a Part

"Kapsburger" by Clogs, from the album Lantern

"The Process of Leaving" by E-Vax, from the album Parking Lot Music

If you'd like a more complete list of over 60 songs featured in our videos check out our iMix.

For even more music, m ss ng p eces Producer Ari K (who co-curates the music for CH Video), has a radio show and runs the blog Nugroove. On his site you can see his favorite five songs (also available on iTunes), as well as a more complete best-of-the-year list and mix.