Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ Happy Hour Playlist for COOL HUNTING

British producer TEED explains what an isolation party looks and sounds like right now

This week, British producer/DJ/singer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (aka Orlando Higginbottom) shares two remixes of the Lastlings song, “Take My Hand.” The double-release—comprised of an “Earth” and “Sky” version—features spacey sounds that elevate the Australian-Japanese duo’s dark pop sensibility. Along with this cosmic rave party, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) put together a happy hour playlist for COOL HUNTING—complete with a heady tune by Brian Eno, an ethereal track by Jacques Greene and more. We also spoke with him about creating party vibes, even in isolation.

How has your approach to making or listening to music changed when first making these remixes vs listening to them now in isolation?

I finished these just as I was having an inkling that things were going to get heavy, and now of course everything feels very different. I’m glad I ended up doing two remixes, the “Earth” mix was made for my DJ sets that aren’t happening this summer, and the “Sky” mix was more about listening, driving in my car. I love that music changes meaning with time.

How do you know a song belongs on a happy hour playlist?

Right now, happy hour is the time of the day when I finally admit to myself how crazy I feel and cut loose. So I’m looking to be pushed and pulled, taken somewhere else, something more aggressive than usual. I’ve been drinking and putting on records for such a long time, and honestly I think you can’t really go wrong… please drink responsibly.

Describe what “virtual happy hour” looks like for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. 

Currently a horrific amount of FaceTime, asking friends to pose as I draw them badly, learning how to salsa from YouTube, planning a brighter future and sipping on whatever I can find in my fridge. Quite a lot of old drum’n’ bass mixtapes from my early teens.

What are you drinking?

On New Year’s Eve I accidentally poured my Johnny Walker Black into someone’s iced green tea. It was 6/10. Next week I’m having a mezcal week, watch this space.

Image by Dan Medhurst