What the Lobster Emoji Means to the Transgender Community

The recent iPhone update included several additions to the emoji keyboard, from ball of wool to an abacus and a pirate flag. Still conspicuously missing—despite it being requested over and over—is the transgender flag. In response, the trans community has decided to use the lobster claw emoji (which was part of the updated) until they get the representation they deserve. Activist and author Charlie Craggs, who started the #clawsoutfortrans movement, tells Dazed, “We now have access to a lobster emoji, because people suffered ‘frustration and confusion’ at having to use a shrimp or a crab emoji instead. Surely representation for the trans community is more important than a crustacean?” Read more (including how lobsters can be gynandromorphs—meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs) at Dazed.