Transformazium Benefit Art Show

by Ariston Anderson


Like many post-industrial cities in America, a loss of factory jobs in Braddock, Pennsylvania has led to urban flight. Calling themselves polinasoloveichikbraddockmural-1.jpg


To raise funds for their mission, the artists have launched a fundraiser art show, "Art Makes Eye Contact," this week in Brooklyn (see info below). Judging by the strength of the work collected, it's no secret they've got some artist friends in high places. The show includes pieces by Swoon, Kiki Smith, Barry McGee, the Maya Hayuk, Dave Ellis, Faile, Armsrock, Martha Cooper, Steve Powers and many more. Prices range from $10 to $4500 for prints, paintings, and sculptures. It's your chance to pick up an amazing piece of work at a low price, and benefit a very worthwhile cause.

Art Makes Eye Contact
Through 18 October 2008
info [at] transformazium [dot] org