Tycho Journal

A new sci-fi publication currently funding on Kickstarter

With the ambitious goal to be “the most beautiful science fiction journal of all time,” Tycho Journal—co-founded by Adam Brent Houghtaling (former EIC and Brand Director at BlackBook Magazine) and Cici James (proprietor of science-fiction book store Singularity&Co) is currently funding on Kickstarter. Houghtaling, who was initially drawn to science-fiction through comics and film, believes that the “the bold ideas and big vision” of the genre resonate with an audience far greater than those that identify as hardcore fans. With Tycho, he wants to “expand the lexicon of science fiction art and elevate the level of design,” he tells CH.

James, meanwhile, reminds us that the genre first leapt to popular consciousness through its memorable pulp aesthetic: “Cover art moved these publications of the ’50s and ’60s beyond disposable periodicals into the realm of cultural artifact.” Science-fiction’s visual appeal has long-been a lure to its content. Magazines were, and remain, “a proving ground for so many of the genre’s greatest storytellers,” James says.

Houghtaling—whose references trace the tango of art and science beyond illustration and into fine art and photography—wants the journal to explore work “that may not traditionally be thought of as part of the genre.” With that in mind, Contributing Editor Ryan Britt delivers the steeped-in-sci-fi perspective of a knowledgeable and self-effacing critic—with help from impressive names like Paul Giamatti (actor and SF fan), Claire Evans (futurist and YACHT vocalist) and Neil Clarke (science-fiction magazine Clarkesworld founder and editor). Houghtaling’s vision guides the editorial across narrative forms, he sketches features such as a dive into the portfolios of artists’ work and original comics, alongside long-form interviews with visionary creators. All supported by Art Director Esther Wu’s creations, Tycho is intended to be a cultural artifact, Houghtaling says, to be, “Kept, collected, and vibrant years after it’s published.”

Support Tycho Journal on Kickstarter, with a pledge of $25 resulting in the very first issue delivered to your door.

Images courtesy of Tycho