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Uncovered Wedding Photos Depict Gay Marriage Pre-Legalization

In order to have their passion project (a show called The Mystery of the 1957 Gay Wedding Photos) made, a trio of writers, filmmakers and producers is seeking information about a decades-old event. In 1957 Philadelphia, a roll of photographs—depicting two grooms getting hitched in a small apartment, with the blinds drawn, surrounded by guests—was developed, but never got back to its owners. An act of joyous defiance, this wedding wasn’t legal (the Supreme Court only recognized the right for LGBTQ+ people to marry five years ago) but was clearly a merry occasion, with the couple kissing, dancing, cutting cake and opening gifts. Now the search for the couple, who would be in their 80s or 90s, is on. As filmmaker PJ Palmer says, “There is a very rich history that’s been suppressed. I wish as a child [that] I had seen family photos of a marriage like this. I would have felt more normal as a kid. I would have known that I was OK.” See some of the photos at BBC.

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