Various Creative: ONE

Creatives from across the US interpret a curious quotation from Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez in a new zine from Portland


Firm believers in the future of print media are always excited to see creative endeavors jump from the screen onto paper. The latest independent print project to land at CH features the photography and visual art by some longtime favorites as well as a few up-and-comers (ironically enough mostly known for their online presence) like Foster Huntington, Laura Austin and our own, Graham Hiemstra. Released today, 8 November, the inaugural issue, “ONE,” from Various Creative—the latest endeavor from Portland-based creatives and Nike and Wieden+Kennedy alums Austin Will and Robbie Veltman—provided a platform free of restraint to a wide range of creative talent. “It has been the ultimate personal project with few rules,” explains Will, “no right answer and no one to tell us no.”


With 28 contributors from across North America, Will and Veltman sought to unify the creative work around a concept without inhibiting creative freedom. The duo opted for the quotation, “My heart has more rooms in it than a whore house,” from Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez’s “Love in the Time of Cholera” as the prompt. While some of the artist’s took it quite literally (like Katie McKenney’s verbatim needlework) others opted for a more abstract analysis. Seeing the divergent ways in which the curious quote was interpreted offers insight into the minds of each contributor.


For those in the Portland area, tonight Various will introduce the 40-page zine to the greater creative community with a launch party—who can turn down free music and booze? “ONE” from Various Creative is currently available online for just $8.

Photos by Hans Aschim