Desillusion Magazine Tome III

The avant-garde French skate and surf publication's hardcover offering spans the streets, beaches and galleries


Though skateboarding and surfing have firm roots in Southern California, the global popularity of skateboarding and surfing continues to desaturate the geographic concentration of each sport’s publishing and design centers. In recent years, this has given way to a greater diversity in the way each sport and the culture around it is portrayed. On the shores of the Atlantic in France’s surf mecca of Hossegor, Desillusion Magazine brings readers into its own uniquely art directed world of skating, surfing, art and photography that is never short on the abstract.


Opting for quality and longevity, the print mag has shifted from regular issues to more spaced out hardcover tomes. While heavy stock print is the order of the day, Desillusion treats readers to a full-blown book with over 260 pages of insightful, creative content. Tome III entitled “No Other Love” is Editor-in-Chief Sebastien Zanella‘s most ambitious issue to date. Delving into the life and contemplative work of ceramist Adam Silverman alongside a visit to the home of heavy metal hesh Skater of the Year David Gonzalez is one example of the diversity of content Zanella strings together. Regardless, a clear albeit gritty aesthetic direction shows through, paying homage to the streets, beaches and cities that inspire Desillusion’s content.

Published in both English and French with minimal unobtrusive advertising, Tome III is available now for €15 and like previous releases, is sure to sell out quickly. If you’re in Hossegor, stop by Maison Desillusion to pick up a copy, shop the brand’s latest apparel and collaborations and enjoy an espresso.

Images by Cool Hunting