Wet Leg: Ur Mum

The fifth and final single to be released in advance of Isle of Wight duo Wet Leg’s eponymous debut album (out 8 April), “Ur Mum” is just as playful and catchy as the previous teases. Anticipation for a Wet Leg LP began last June with the irreverent “Chaise Longue” and extends through the narrative music video release accompanying “Ur Mum,” directed by Lava La Rue. “The ‘Ur Mum’ video was all about bringing the viewer into the Wet Leg world—sprinkling details throughout the visual that not only reference at least four songs off the album but also plenty of inside jokes within the band too,” the filmmaker explains in a statement. “Artistically it shows where the aesthetic of American indie films like Napoleon Dynamite fit perfectly in the scape of rural British settings—this concept first came to me when the band took me to IOW [Isle of Wight] for the first time—I saw the connection and it all clicked into place.”