Favorite Color


In a city like New York, it's virtually impossible to stand out and make your mark. Perhaps that's why the latest new motion graphics studio, Favorite Color, took their time in creating something completely unique. Located in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood and targeted toward broadcast and commercial projects, Favorite Color comprises of a team of international and local creatives, including Doug Matthews, Dave Dimmick, Casey Stelle and Lindsay Daniels.

"Our philosophy on everything from creative talent to the creative process is a bit of a break from the traditional model," says Dimmick. This credo is evident in their inaugural animation, "The Birth of Color," a vibrant, cosmic take on the act of conception.


"Our goal is to do really smart work that is rooted in conceptual thinking trends," says Daniels, who received fame recently for projects including the Emmy Award-winning main title for the "Dexter" TV series and the Emmy-nominated main title for "Path to 9/11." Since their recent arrival into the global consciousness in late 2007, Favorite Color have already completed an environmental piece for The Dream Hotel and are working on some big name projects set to impress in 2008 and beyond.