Where We Work: Creative Office Spaces

A new book gives all-access tours of breathtaking offices around the globe

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Industry and imagination merge in “Where We Work: Creative Office Spaces,” a book exploring the world’s most extraordinary workspaces. In the Beijing office of Saatchi & Saatchi, a white heart-shaped conference table sits under an orange half-dome, fit for a space-age bachelor pad. At Nothing Commercial Creativity in Amsterdam, Michel Gondry’s “The Science of Sleep” inspired an office platform made of cardboard—precision fitted with laser-cut slots—eschewing screws and glue.

Compiled and authored by Ian McCallam, he based “Where We Work” on his site, This Ain’t No Disco (It’s Where We Work) , which invites agencies to share their interiors. “The employees within these spaces are artists within their trade and their work environment reflects this,” McCallam writes in the introduction.

The 45 agencies profiled in the book—advertising firms, design studios, media companies—aim to captivate clients and stimulate creative minds. “Our main design goals were to elevate perception, foster collaboration and creativity. These goals were achieved almost immediately,” explains Rebecca Armstrong of Oregon brand agency North, where a raised, wood-paneled cube makes for a floating meeting room.

“Where We Work” sells from Amazon. See photos from the book in the gallery below.