White Walls “Sold Out” Show


With more than 17 artists displaying their work at "Sold Out," opening today at the White Walls Gallery in SF, I was slightly skeptical of how it could come together. However a quick Googling of most of the names listed had me thinking otherwise. Instead of being a mishmash of different styles there seems to be a cohesive quality about the selection of different illustrative and graffiti artists presenting work.

The following artists have pieces in the show: Tim McCormick, Buffmonster, Metal Man Ed, Persue, Ben Frost, Siloette, Axis, David Choong Lee, Damon Soule, Big Foot, Freddi C, Justin Fry, Monica Canilao, Chris Gonzales, Alex Pardee, Huck Gee, Crash and others…

When and Where:
Thursday, February 9th to Wednesday, March 1st 2006

White Walls
835 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
415 931 1500

The work above is by Bigfoot, from Fecal Face.