Year of the Golden Pig


18 Feb 2007 on the Gregorian calender marks the Chinese new year but this isn't any old new year. Lunar year 4704 is the year of the Golden Pig—a once in 600 year occurance—and is thought to mark a particularly auspcious year.

We aren't expert in the nuances of Chinese astrology but we have pulled together a few things to help you ring in the year of the Golden Pig. Happy New Year!

The classic Ceramic Golden Piggy Bank (above left) comes in several sizes. From $4.50 at Pearl River.


Amigo, an Argentinian leather line, features desk accessories that are simple and functional, like "Piggy" (right). Constructed out of supple leather, you won't have to "break the bank" to get to your savings, which can easily emptied by releasing a flap below the tail. $45 from the MoMA store.


This pig doubles as a TV! Hannspree makes this 10" LCD television encased in a removeable soft pig lining. $399 from Hannspree.


The People’s Bank of China issued these commemorative year of the pig coins, which include 13 coins in different valuations (seven gold, six silver, all are legal tender). They feature patterns of Chinese ancient bronzeware and of Acalypha hispida, (commonly known as the Red-hot Cat's Tail). Our favorite (pictured above) is the 10,000 Yuan coin with jumping pigs.


Last time we featured the Harry Allen Pig Bank it was not available in gold. Now the bank (cast from a real pig) is (right). Not to worry, the pig died of natural causes and Allen will donate 5% of the proceeds to The Humane Society of the United States. The pig can fit more than $10,000 dollar bills.
$195 from Moss.


Those who prefer more than one pig may find this Lucky Pig Family Statue to bring you more luck and prosperity than any single pig can deliver. $12.50 from Pearl River.

The Bacon Scarf promises not only to bring you good luck but to keep you warm too. One side is well marbled, the other lean. $35 from Shopsin's General Store.


Jonathan Adler's Piggy Bank in gold features a golden smooth porcine experience. $130 from Jonathan Adler.


China's postal authority has released a collectors edition set of large pig-bearing stamps. Rumored to be pork scented, though we doubt it.


The Grateful Palate's Bacon of the Month Club delivers a different artinsinal bacon to your door every month and includes an enticing array of pig accessories including a bacon-themed comic strip, toy rubber pig, a t-shirt, recipes and more. From $140 at The Grateful Palate.


Cell phone charms haven't really caught on in the States, but they are all the rage in most of Asia. This 24-karat boar (left) costs 30,000 Yen at Japan's Rakuten. via Gizmodo.


We couldn't help but include this Pig lighter (right). The tail acts as the clicker and the flame shoots out of the pig's behind. $5 from Eclipsems.