3D Monopoly: New York Edition

Pop artist and NYC-native Charles Fazzino's premium version of the beloved board game


Though the majority of our game-playing time these days is spent staring solitarily at our smartphones moving pixelated candy, nothing quite beats a good old-fashioned board game. While a game like Monopoly is a classic, the newly unveiled 3D New York Edition offers a premium version packed with Big Apple references. Designed by pop artist and lifetime NYC resident Charles Fazzino, the game boasts in cartoon-esque illustrative style throughout every detail—from the newly designed money to the iconic NYC-themed game pieces. “New York is my heart, my soul, my main inspiration and my home. I have lived here all my life and I am most well-known for painting New York City,” Fazzino says.


CH got an exclusive first hands-on look at the limited edition, and can say as soon as players come face-to-face with Fazzino’s version of Monopoly, it’s clear that it’s no regular board game. Housed in a dark hardwood case with a tempered glass top, Fazzino’s detail-laden animated New York City lives below, ready for players to buy and sell the most storied real estate in the world. Every aspect of the game has Fazzino’s comic-style written all over it, and he really brings the city to life. The only criticism of the game is that it is more of a representation of Manhattan rather than the city as a whole. Still, with over 170 inlaid crystals and foiled elements, it wasn’t difficult to overlook the flaw.

The 3D Monopoly: New York Edition by Charles Fazzino has a limited run of 2000 and is currently available for pre-order for $500.

Images by Hans Aschim