AI-Generated Household Appliances in the Style of Gaudí

Amidst all the experimentation that artists, designers and other creative individuals are taking part in regarding AI-generated imagery, few bring an aesthetic collision as clever as art director Marcus Byrne’s household appliances in the style of Antoni Gaudí. Every-day items—including a toaster, vacuum, mixer and microwave—have been embellished with textures, shapes and colors that allude to work by the highly imaginative Catalan architect. Byrne used the AI program Midjourney to counter the minimalism found enveloping the design world. “We live in an age of Apple and Tesla with minimal design taking charge,” he says in a statement to designboom. “All car brands have similar looking models and company logos are stripped back to live in the tiny space world of mobile devices.” Read more about the project and see all the extraordinary images at designboom.

Image courtesy of Marcus Byrne