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Alexander Holmes


You wouldn't want to cross this young British designer. He might lock you in, lock you out or screw a lamp into one of your favorite pieces of furniture. Alexander Holmes has developed a line that plays on the concept of anger management through design with products that are literal embodiments of their titles, "Deadlock" and "Screw You!"

Deadlock is a conflict and resolution device which allows warring factions to lock both sides of the door. If either person wants to exit or enter the room they have to come to an agreement first. Alexander says he was inspired to create Deadlock, "not only by my own experiences of resolving an argument through a locked bedroom door, but also witnessing my friends spending sleepless nights on the sofa."

However, if the Deadlock couldn't resolve the argument and the time has come to make a serious statement on your way out, Alexander's "Screw You!" lamp (pictured) is probably the ideal weapon of choice. He says candidly that this is a lamp "which is meant to be used to get revenge on your other half." With the lamp stand based on the form of an Auger drill, you have to physically screw it into another object in order to get it to stand up. "Once you are satisfied with the damage you have done, you can then bask in your handiwork, by turning on the lamp and highlighting it!" This brings a whole new meaning to emotional design.


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