Triarrows Affordable Luxury Watches

Elegant touches and thoughtful design at an unexpectedly low cost


In the age of smartwatches and wearable tech, there’s also been a global resurgence in attention to and love for the classic wristwatch. It’s more than just nostalgia, the value is evident: the watch is an accessory that conveys style while being entirely functional. And, with their already successful Kickstarter debut—where they’ve already been selected as a Staff Pick Project—TRIARROWS will be delivering luxury watches around the world, at a very reasonable price. While there are classic elements, high-end components and even a touch of military-inspiration, at their core each piece is ultimately good looking and accessible.


TRIARROWS began as the brainchild of three young entrepreneurs who recognized the value of the wristwatch, and realized they could deliver elements of luxury at a reduced price by going straight to consumers. As the team shared with CH, “Over the years, we have been trying to find fantastic watches with unique luxury design, that are high quality but at an irresistible price—but the market often only pays attention to specific aspects of this.” Costs in watches rise five to 10 times the price because of operating and marketing costs. By removing this, and relying on the power of the internet, the TRIARROWS team has been able to dedicate their time to production.


Design inspirations factor heavily into what makes new watch launches memorable and worthy. With their Poet collection, the team has chosen to “emphasize the unique, luxury and classic vintage gentlemen style” as their main design elements. “The theme of the Poet Collection is metropolitan because we are also metropolitan but also treasure slow living, poetry, listening to old songs, settling down for a cup of coffee and even watching the moonlight from downtown,” they tell us. These desires and attributes infuse each TRIARROWS piece. As for their Cousin collection (named for the fact that the creators of the brand are in fact cousins), “We emphasized military style—so we used many army color tones to build the taste of an adventurer.”


The team says that details remain most important—and these all hail from the luxury watch world: rich layers of watch case grinding, double dials and a solid inner ring dial. They also incorporate a moon phase into their pieces. “Moon phases are a favorite in the watch world and the Miyota moon phase movement design is very much a match with our main color tone and it lends a vintage style.” Among their other components, a sapphire crystal glass and Japanese Super Luminous Indexes, carefully applied, support the brand’s mission of high-end flourishes.


With their success to date, the team has been able to offer continued stretch goals. The latest is the result of listening to those who’ve already pledged. “Many backers also told us that they want a butterfly clasp as a stretch goal, but a butterfly clasp cannot be applied to the leather strap of the Cousin Collection. That said, we decided to offer a butterfly clasp to the Poet collection for all backers, and an extra strap which happens to be either the Genuine leather or Nato option.” It’s a nice touch and a tangible response from makers who care about their product, and their buyers.

TRIARROWS watches are available on Kickstarter, where a $115 CAD pledge secures one of the nine watch styles. After the Kickstarter completes, the watches will then be available for preorder through TRIARROWS official online store.

Images courtesy of Triarrows