Architizer A+ Awards

The new platform for honoring innovative contemporary architecture and design


As a platform to honor the world’s most impressive spaces and structures, Architizer today launches the Architizer A+ Awards in partnership with the producers of The Webby Awards. Judged by some 200 jurors across 50+ categories, the Snarkitecture-designed trophy will be awarded at a red carpet gala in NYC come 16 May 2013, with early entry deadline scheduled for 9 November 2012. The jury’s long list of notable names encompasses cultural leaders and innovators in design and architecture from David Rockwell of the David Rockwell Group and David van der Leer, Guggenheim’s curator of architecture and urban studies to Kickstarter’s co-founder Charles Adler and Cool Hunting’s very own founder Josh Rubin.


The accolades have been divided into two categories—the Typology Awards and Plus Awards—to account for contemporary architectural works both built and conceptual. The Typology Awards will take aim at residential, commercial, cultural and institutional projects built in the previous three years, while the Plus Awards will additionally consider conceptual works as well. The main difference however sees the Plus Awards considering the architecture’s role in serving the changing needs of its projected community, specifically its interaction with climate changes, new technology and shifting demographics.

For more information on the awards, entries and jury members visit Architizer A+ Awards online.