Arro Home Kids’ Collection

Space-themed bedroom textiles to encourage imaginative dreaming

Melbourne-based homewares company Arro Home (helmed by Beci Orpin and Adam Rogers) has just launched its first children’s collection—and it’s just as bright, playful and spirited as their designs for grown-ups. Evoking concepts like exploration, curiosity and adventure, the kids’ range is space-themed—with plenty of shooting stars and planets to put little ones in an imaginative state of mind for bedtime. These bed sheets are sure to encourage creative, daring dreaming.

The colorful pattern enthusiasts at the brand use natural fabrics whenever possible, but the quality doesn’t result in outrageous costs—Arro Home strives to keep their products at an affordable price point. Almost all the products in the children’s range are made from 100% cotton—from the cute cushions to the soft, knitted star-spangled blanket.

The new children’s collection was designed by Arro Home’s Alice Oehr—who (like Orpin) studied at Melbourne’s RMIT and since has freelanced in illustration, textiles and graphic design. Now full-time with Arro, Oehr’s role is in graphic design and production, and this is the first range she designed for the label.

“For kids, I really like to tell a story with the products and spark their imagination,” Oehr tells CH. “This is quite easy because I feel l can identify with the child on those things—I like to dream about space too! With kids’ things I find I don’t have to hold back as much as I do when designing for adults—in general, it can be more pattern, more color, more decoration, more fun.” This is certainly true of the collection; there are shooting stars, red planets, smiling moons and suns and clouds all over the products.

“Most of us would have some memory of discovering with the wonders of space in childhood and I drew upon my own,” says Oehr, regarding her inspiration and the mood she wanted to convey. “An atlas with constellations, people walking on the moon, soft clouds—that stuff is all pretty magical when you think about it.”

The Arro Home kids’ collection is available for pre-order online now; there are plenty of additional busy and bright products to peruse, too.

Images courtesy of Arro Home