Who Gives a Crap + Beci Orpin

A designer's take on toilet paper, for a good cause

Designer toilet paper might seem like a unnecessary luxury, but Who Gives A Crap has a socially conscious reason to team up with the very talented Australian designer Beci Orpin. After learning that 2.4 billion people have no access to a toilet—something that we take for granted—Simon Griffiths, Jehan Ratnatunga and Danny Alexander decided to get off their seats and take action. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in 2012, Who Gives A Crap came to life: offering 100% recycled toilet paper containing no dyes, ink, glue, artificial scents or chlorine. Aside from being better for the environment and bodies than other toilet papers, WGAC donates 50% of its profits to WaterAid—an initiative that helps provide access to clean water and toilets, as well as education regarding sanitation and hygiene.

While the team offers plenty of toilet humor in their branding, the reality, of course, is no joke: approximately 40% of the planet’s population has no access to functioning toilets, resulting in disease (sanitation-related illness fills approximately half the hospital beds in the developing world) and death every single day. Armed with their pragmatic business plan and plenty of poop puns, WGAC is offering a product everybody uses, and benefiting those in need.

Now, the company has joined forces with Beci Orpin for a limited edition pack of WGAC toilet paper. Not only is the packaging pretty to look at, it also encourages DIY crafting—each pack contains four patterned wrappers and one with instructions super-cute crafts. From mobiles to spectacles and envelopes, the crafting options are diverse and limited only by your imagination.

Buy a pack of Who Gives A Crap + Beci Orpin limited edition toilet paper online, for $53 for 48 double-length rolls. Unfortunately delivery is only Australia-wide for now, but hopefully international customers will have the opportunity to brighten up their bathroom soon.