Assembly Design’s 00 Clock

Juxtaposing measurement and abstraction, a grid wall-clock with reversible hands


Balancing a calculated academic approach with a very tactile studio process, the New York City-based duo Assembly Design (responsible for the imaginative furniture collaboration that debuted at this year’s ICFF) is now exploring familiar territory, after collaborating with artist Tauba Auerbach to create a conceptual wall-clock for The Thing Quarterly last year.

Experimenting with gridded systems and the ways in which these arrangements create and recreate illusions, Assembly Design presents their latest offering: the 00 Clock. “The clock was inspired by the idea of infinite regularity and the potential for abstraction inherent in the grid (think: Rubik’s Cubes, hopscotch, orthographic projection) and suggests that the experience of time is simultaneously measured and abstract,” explains co-founder Peter Oyler. Keeping in tune with the theme of contrasting measurement versus abstraction and objectivity versus subjectivity, the clock’s hands are reversible for a change in decor or to reflect a change in mood. White hands on a white clock are ideal for lazy afternoons.

For more information on the 00 Clock (priced at $75) and Assembly Design’s growing collection wares, visit them online.

Images courtesy of Assembly Design