Bentley’s Futuristic EXP 100 GT Concept

The company imagines the future of mobility by building a car for 2035

A pinnacle of future-forward mobility and uncomprimised luxury, Bentley‘s EXP 100 GT concept celebrates the company’s 100th anniversary with an electric grand tourer that can be driven manually or autonomously. Inside, the vehicle provides passengers with countless physical and digital services, and ensconces them in a luxurious hand-crafted cocoon of sustainable and eco-conscious materials.

“Innovation should be purposeful and intuitive, but never overcomplicated,” Stefan Sielaff (Bentley Director of Design) says during the vehicle’s unveiling, and his words ring true throughout. While lengthy and enveloping, the EXP 100 GT feels intentionally so without burden. Copper and aluminum accents provide a warm feel and eco-friendly materials—such as 5,000-year-old copper-infused Riverwood, paint made from rice husks, 100% organic leather-like textiles derived from winemaking, wool carpets and more—reinforce the importance of sustainability for the brand and their customers.

Biometric seats adapt to passengers, tracking blood pressure and body movement, and can adjust the seats if you’ve fallen asleep in autonomous mode. A glass roof invites the environment inside and converts exterior lighting into mood-based settings inside. An onboard assistant monitors passenger needs and can recreate moods, scenes and even replay images of previous trips using the crystal dash screen and door panels. Plus, the car can activate the glass roof’s smokey tint for privacy and activate an air-purification system if it senses the need.

Though concepts often tease features that will never make it to production, the EXP 100 GT affords a balance of dreamy ambitions and likely additions. From the company’s newly developed custom scent (sandalwood and moss) to the air-purification system and the onboard AI, it’s likely we’ll see production models equipped with some of these features in the near future. For the rest, perhaps it’ll all be standard someday—the exterior’s pulsing light show included.

Images courtesy of Bentley