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Best Made Co. Laguiole 127 Knife

A superior take on the traditional toothpick pocket knife

Best-Made-Laguiole-127_open.jpg Best-Made-Laguiole-127-stuff.jpg

The latest tool to get the royal Best Made Co. treatment, the Laguiole 127, is a better functioning and more aesthetically pleasing version of your traditional toothpick pocket knife. As we’ve seen before, Best Made really knows their way around a blade, but the NYC-based brand teamed up with legendary French knife maker Laguiole—founded in 1829—to make sure this specific project turned out just right. Individually made by hand with a T12 carbon steel forged blade and briar root, maple or ebony handle, each knife is held together with solid brass cold-stamped bolsters for sturdiness—and quite a bit of beauty.

At just under 3″ closed and 5″ open, the slender Laguiole 127 is a shining example of tradition and craftsmanship. Find it from Best Made Co. for $96.

Images courtesy of Best Made Co.


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