Burton Private Stock Snowboards 2010: Fritz the Cat


Burton released another board in their exclusive Private Stock Collection today. Available in only 100 specialty shops worldwide, the 2010 edition features Fritz the Cat, cartoonist R. Crumb's infamous feline con artist. Fritz also starred in the first animated feature film to receive an X rating in the United States, the most successful independent animated feature of all time.

The limited-edition board features the Channel system and takes on the new super smooth but playful V-Rocker shape—the edges, nose and tail slightly curve up providing a skate-like feel to the ride.


Available for $400 from a select group of retailers contact Burton Rider Service at +1 800 881 3138 to locate an exclusive dealer near you. Burton flagship stores in New York, Burlington and Los Angeles will also carry the board.

Also, be sure to check out Burton's new site, especially The Community, which allows riders to make their own profiles.

Read more about the Private Stock Collection here.