Casper Wants You to Sleep Better

The young company continues on its mission to make resting hours healthy, comfortable and affordable

Sponsored by Casper

While the concept of “one size fits all” is one that many people are skeptical of, Casper‘s success surely supports that it’s actually spot on when it comes to mattresses. The brand—which launched in 2014—stands by its “one perfect mattress” mantra with a 100-night trial, a super-easy and free return policy and a 10-year warranty.

Whether you run hot or cold, prefer a firm or soft mattress, Casper’s blend of contouring memory and latex foams were created to be the most comfortable mattress possible—firm enough to support you without being too hard, and breathable to ensure you won’t overheat. Considering we spend about 25 years sleeping (plus all that Netflix-watching, book-reading and universe-pondering time spent in bed) it’s a product worth getting right.

Casper mattresses are available in six standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. They offer two to five day shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada and, in NYC, free same-day delivery is available. Plus, Casper recently launched their unique, dual-layer pillow and extra soft and breathable sheets, rounding out their goal to perfect the most healthy and enjoyable sleep. Altogether, Casper wanted a good night’s sleep to be more affordable—so their reasonable price points are an added perk. Visit Casper and enjoy $50 off your Casper mattress with coupon code COOLHUNTING.

Images by Cool Hunting