CH Gift Guide: Big Bonus

Private submarines, gourmet cycling excursions, arcade coffee tables and more luxurious presents culled from our holiday assortment

For those fortunate enough to have deeper pockets than the average gift-giver, have a look at the Cool Hunting gift guide for an array of ideas that go well beyond a Bentley or fancy watch. From U-Boat’s private submarines to Gufram’s iconic cactus coat stand, and with personalized travel and more in between, this culling is for anyone making a hefty bonus this year or those who like to dream big. And, while the most luxurious way to spend a lot of dough is giving back to those without, if you can, why not treat yourself too.

abercrombie-kent-world-trip.jpg c-explorer2-gg.jpg
Passport to the World

Since 1962 luxury travel experience company Abercrombie & Kent has led adventure-prone individuals on expeditions, safaris and cruises around the world. And for their latest trip, A&K has teamed up with Flexjet for a trip around the world, literally. You and a select group of friends or family will experience seven landmark destinations—from a traditional tea ceremony in Tokyo to a private tour of Le Louvre. $1,500,000

C-Explorer 2

Because private planes are just so passé! All it takes is a three-week course and a well-earned chunk of change—next thing you know you can be at the helm of your own private submarine, exploring the ocean floor like never before. With depth ratings ranging from 100 to 1000 meters, this technological wonder is the stuff that dreams are made of. Take the plunge. $360,000

star-trek-pinball-stern-gg.jpg OMAspeaker-gg.jpg
Star Trek Pinball Machine

Boldly go where no man has gone before with the newest Stern pinball machine, the Star Trek Premium. Fanatics will nerd out completely over this game, as they command and defend the USS Enterprise and the planets of the Federation with their fingertips. Stern’s first all-LED Pro Model has seven paths that lead players in their mission, and guarantee encounters with the evil Khan, Klingon warriors, the Narada and beyond. If the Enterprise goes down, you have only your poor hand-eye coordination to blame. $7,095

AC1 Loudspeaker System

As new technology shrinks in scale by the day, it’s refreshing to know that OMA’s AC1 Loudspeaker system is taking a different approach, and paying tribute not only to the quality acoustics of the original loudspeaker, but also the inherent beauty of the towering object itself. This monumental speaker is hand-built from solid Pennsylvania hardwood and engineered for sound quality that cannot be matched, recalling an era of authenticity and integrity. $88,000

surface-tension-arcade-table-gg.jpg carrera_y_carrera_peacock-ring-3.jpg
Arcane Arcade Game Table

Ms Pacman ate your flatscreen, your favorite coffee table and your iPad—and regurgitated them into this retro-turned-modern Arcane Arcade Table from Surface Tension. Built in the classic style of our favorite childhood consoles, this living room table will please modernists and gamers alike. $4,000

Sortija Carnaval

From one of the most historic Spanish jewelry design houses, founded by sculptor Manuel Carrera in 1885, comes this exquisite ring from their Peacock Collection. Born of a luxuriant white gold, encrusted in blue sapphires, garnets and diamonds, it is majestic and worldly. As much a sculptural work of art as it is accessory, imagination dictates its brilliance. $27,500

cactus-larcobaleno.jpg sterlingairstream-gg.jpg
Cactus Coat Stand

The original Cactus coat stand was designed by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello for legendary Italian furniture manufacturer Gufram. An iconic object born out of rebellion to the austere modernism of the 1960s, the playful sculpture holds as much relevance today as it did then. This version is number 738 from a limited edition of 2,000 released in 1986, and will make a supremely noteworthy addition to any design lover’s collection. $7,540

Travel Trailers

Real estate be damned! For a serious splurge, give the gift described as a “lifetime investment in happiness.” The first Airstream trailer was hatched in 1931 by Wally Byam, and now 80-plus years later, The Sterling, a stunning collaboration between Airstream and Architect Christopher Deam, leaves little doubt that the trailer’s iconic silver design has never seemed so modern. $84,192

RaphaRetreat-gg.jpg shuffleboardtable-gg.jpg
Rapha Retreat: Le Géant de Provence

Give the gift of experience with this cycling journey through the mountains of the South of France complete with gourmet food, technical support and a massage at the end of a long day on the bike. When you’ve had enough of turning the pedals, there are plenty of cultural activities and immersions to unwind with. Let the expert crew at Rapha do all of the logistical work for you, you’ve got hills to climb. $3,370

Parsons Shuffleboard Table

Constructed from reclaimed oak, the Parsons Shuffleboard Table features a custom playing surface thanks to the varying grains of wood. District MFG uses dyed leather hides as the base for the gutter, which elegantly boarders the tabletop on all sides. Most impressively, the frame features a unibody design constructed from high strength steel. The table is as classic as the game itself, and is as aesthetically pleasing as it is entertaining. $4,500