CH Gift Guide: High/Low

Ten gift picks for both the easy-to-please and big-time baller on your list

When it comes to gifting it’s the thought that counts, but we all know that budget factors pretty heavily into the equation as well. While we all wish we could shower everyone on our list with big-ticket treasures worthy of their wildest fantasies, sometimes the perfect present is actually within reach. Our holiday gift guide spans all ranges, with high- and low-priced options abounding in each category. Here, a selection of picks from both ends of the spectrum for everyone on your list, from the Japanese beauty product fanatic to the electronic music nerd.

Deep Hydration Lifting Mask by Tatcha

This unique hydrating mask, which incorporates red algae as well as coconut, was originally developed to speed healing for burn victims. Ideal for super-dry skin types, the serum boasts 53% deeper moisture penetration than typical masks.

Yu-Be Lip Therapy

A favorite among top-ranking mountain climbers, this all natural lip treatment is based on a 55-year-old Japanese formula and incorporates Vitamin E and camphor to soothe, protect, and heal dry, chapped lips.

Custom Deck by Steve Walls

Artist Steve Walls created this custom deck with a handful of Sharpies and a mind on skateboard history.

iPhone Skateback by Grove and MapleXO

A collaboration between Grove and MapleXO, these iPhone 5 and 4/4s backs are sustainably made from the waste wood of a Portland-based skateboard maker. And because each one is made of skate scraps, every individual case is truly unique.

OP-1 Portable Synthesizer

Stockholm-based design shop Teenage Engineering has worked out how to brighten those dark Swedish winters with this portable sequencer, which merges the best of analog with the latest in digital technology.

How Music Works by David Byrne

David Byrne’s latest book celebrates our relationship with music and its essential role in human culture.

Visitorian Pendants by Charlotte Cory

British artist and writer Charlotte Cory takes her Queen-worthy fictitious animal portraits to new miniature proportions with her “Visitorian” pendants. Each one is set in a unique, antique backing.

Crown Jewels by Lex Pott

Rising Dutch designer Lex Pott explores real value versus nominal value with these Crown Jewel rings. Each is constructed from a coin reduced to its outside diameter, forever altering its original form and worth.

Bellerby & Co. Desk Globe

This beautifully crafted desk globe comes in two Terrestrial finishes that are hand painted and glossed and feature an inscribed copper plaque noting the edition, number and style.

Sectional Globes by Drill Design

Japan’s Drill Design teamed up with Geografia to produce Sectional Globes as handsome as they are educational. Each comes ready for you to assemble and once completed, the globe will lean at the exact angle of the earth’s axis.