PAWD, the Pet Crate Reinvented

Portable and design-forward dens for dogs and cats by Chasing Monkey

Pet owners understand the aesthetic and off-putting nature of the traditional metal crate. Bulky, heavy, hard to set up and move, and too much like a prison cell for your main squeeze. All of this motivated industrial designer Amy Kim to imagine PAWD, funding on Kickstarter now. PAWD, the first product from Kim’s Chasing Monkey, isn’t a pet carrier. It is a light, portable and design-forward nesting space for small dogs, cats and other animals weighing up to 18 pounds—depending on their dimensions. A pet-safe polypropylene shell is available in three colorways, and a colorful mat lends a boost of comfort inside. Elements like the utility patented collapsible frame make transport or stowing easy.

The success here is twofold. There’s the aesthetic benefits in one’s home but there is also value to cage training in something akin to a den. Three years went into the product’s development and Kim, a self-described “crazy dog-owner” left no detail unconsidered. And while it is her brand’s first product, it’s far from the last as she plans to take on other areas ripe for technical innovation.

An early-bird PAWD pledge starts at $69. The Kickstarter campaign has already raised half of its goal just one day after launching.

Images courtesy of Chasing Monkey