The Crate by Fietsklik

A foldable, lockable cargo system on wheels that clicks into your bike with ease


No one knows how to live on two-wheels quite like the Dutch. The lowland nation is home to some of the most extensive cycling infrastructure as well as some of the highest rates of bike commuters in the world. And now thanks to Amsterdam-based Fietsklik (which literally means “bike click” in Dutch), transporting your precious cargo by pedal power just got even easier—and a little more stylish. Simplicity, functionality and aesthetics are all at the heart of Fietsklik’s designs. They’ve managed to translate the rich design culture of the Netherlands into a bike carrier system that is lockable, foldable, wheel-able and truly unique.


Fietsklik’s founders were inspired to create the Crate system as students, when they were experiencing the messy limitations of carry a flat of beer via bicycle—a common hardship of higher education. The product of their design acumen, Crate is new territory for bike accessory design. Made from recycled, high-impact, lightweight plastic, the crate features a set of wheels and an extending handle. Walk through the market and load it up the Crate like a shopping cart. When you get back to your bike simply slide the box onto your bike until it locks into place. A foldable panel allows the Crate to shrink down to half the height for smaller loads or storage.

fietsklik-crate-2A.jpg fietsklik-crate-2B.jpg

The root of the Fietsklik system, the Klik, fits onto the rear of the bicycle like a standard rack system. No tools are needed to attach the Crate or additional messenger bags from Fietsklik. Perhaps most convenient for urban riders, each cargo piece comes equipped with an internal locking mechanism and includes its own set of keys. Made from high-grade recycled materials in the Netherlands, Fietsklik is committed to quality and sustainability.

Backed by a three-year warranty, the Klik rack system and Crate are currently available on Kickstarter from Fietsklik for just $99.

Images courtesy of Fietsklik