Glass Beverage Bottles


This version of a glass bottle in the shape of a plastic one continues the trend of doing up disposables in nicer materials and is, indeed, a Crate and Barrel knock-off of a similar concept by Roost (also makers of home furnishings but without the corporate baggage). It does however offer two design differences that caught our attention.

The option of a smaller size makes it more appealing for cramped spaces (I like the idea of putting it on my windowsill-slash-bedside table, for example) and the silicone stoppers are a more seamless choice as far as looks go. According to C and B they also " keep water fresh." That's exactly the kind of weirdly paranoid claim that I can get needlessly riled up about but I also have a soft spot for the little dose of hippie warmth lent by Roost's corks—we'll let you decide, if the price difference doesn't make the economy decide for you.

The 22-ounce bottle is $8 and the 50 is $16 from Crate and Barrel.
Roost’s bottle is $28, slightly bigger and available from Bestow