A user-friendly coop with a modern look for urban farmers


As urban agriculture takes off, the number of city-dwellers raising their own chickens is also on the upswing. Building and maintaining the coop often presents a significant obstacle to chicken rearing, but ChickenCribs solve this by handily gathering all the necessary materials for a small, space-efficient chicken living space in an easy-to-assemble kit.

ChickenCribs3.jpg ChickenCribs2.jpg

The brainchild of California-based landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos, he ame up with the idea after spending three summers on an Italian farm. There, he developed a fondness for poultry and decided to bring his skills in thoughtful design to the unlikely field of chicken raising.

The predator-proof cribs, made from plywood, plastic and steel sourced near San Francisco, has a roost area that can house two or three chickens at a time. Each area comes with an egg door for easy access, and two handles on either side make the crib easy to transport around the yard for effective distribution of chicken manure—a valuable fertilizer.


Assembling in thirty minutes, the coops require nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver. Stavropoulos accepts orders for custom colors or unpainted cribs, or buy an off-the-rack model online with prices starting at $440.