Chromjuwelen Motor Öl

Designer motor oil for classic cars


Created specifically to cater to classic cars that experience long periods of down time between runs, Chromjewelen Motor Öl is the byproduct of a collaboration between the motor culture magazine of the same name and German auto additive specialists Mathé. Made and driven by the informed minds behind Chromjewelen, the specialty motor oil has been tailored specifically for performance engines to provide wear and corrosion protection during times off the track.


While the product itself is innovative for the niche classic car scene, the sublimely retro design adds a nice touch—especially for those of us without fancy race cars idling in the garage. Racing fanatics and all around autophiles Boris Frommen, Daniel Dondorp and Christian Kandel of German creative agency Donkey worked with the Chromjewelen team to incorporate a vintage design aesthetic while keeping true to the publication’s passion for classic and modified cars.


Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is available for preorder directly from Chromjuwelen or Mathé for around €20 a liter, with an expected ship date of 3 September 2012. Keep an eye on Chromjewelen as they’re reportedly already full steam ahead on another batch of classic car-inspired products.