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Coca-Cola M5


In an inspired change of pace from their constant re-tinkering of flavors and additives, Coca-Cola has instead chosen to focus on an evolution of their design. The soft drink giant recently comissioned five talented young design groups from five continents to rethink their packaging with an eye toward hip urban flair. The Designers Republic (U.K.), Lobo (Brazil), MK12 (U.S.A.), Rex & Tennant McKay (South Africa) and Caviar (Japan) have each offered their unique vision for new aluminum Coke bottles that, in the company's words, will be found only at "the world's most exclusive clubs and lounges." The project, named "M5," will serve as a visual rebranding aimed at discerningly creative consumers. Likely a limited-edition (and highly collectable) run, the bottles are currently moving from concept to reality. Expect a full site launch soon, along with a cross-promotional marketing campaign that incorporates new music from The Flaming Lips, Guided by Voices, Fischerspooner, Citizen Bird and Towa Tei.

Thanks to Zach for the heads-up.


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